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while recognizing a need and opportunity in the residential market for house and landscape design with a modern edge, thirdstone inc. launched in november of 2004.

with the advent of thirdstone inc. as a newly registered business, our portfolio may be small but significant in design excellence!

within its first few months, two projects designed by thirdstone inc. were selected to participate in the Alberta Ballet - House + Garden Tour 2005 with projects also featured in the Edmonton Journal.

we were also awarded recently, first prize representing Edmonton in Western Living Magazine’s - Design West Makeover Challenge in their Winter 2006 issue.
Louis Pereira, Principal

with almost 20 years of experience in the architecture and landscape design industry, Louis has contributed to major works with previous firms within the Edmonton area including the downtown Telus Plaza Redevelopment (2000) and Nilex Inc. Office/Warehouse (1998) - both accredited in the Top 50 projects of the Alberta Association of Architects' Chronicle of Significant Alberta Architecture.

in 2004 Louis recognized a need, and in a sense, a responsibility for providing the (new or renovation) residential market with a service that firmly underscores design distinction. his previous tenures with both landscape and architecture firms, on a variety of significant projects, has assisted in establishing his diverse design and technical insight. Louis’ design acumen and professional responsiveness serve to identify goals critical to the success of any project.

whether renewing the mid-century modernist house or preserving and fostering historical aspects of early 20th century homes, clients value Louis’ innovative and visionary design principles.
the dawn of modernism, within the architectural domain, introduced a new train of thought while imparting that high design could be offered to the masses. this movement spawned mid-century modern classics that continue to read like timeless sculptures within today’s progressive design realm.

modernist design of houses and furniture typically emphasize simplicity and clarity of form, open-plan interiors, efficient use of space and the absence of clutter. many aspects of modernist design persist within the mainstream of contemporary architecture today.

in addition to the great european masters of modernism, we are persuaded by the enduring architecture of such greats as Richard Neutra, Craig Ellwood and builder Joseph Eichler of the mid-century modernist post-war movement. their work became a precursor to modern house design while their philosophy and principles continue to be applied and refined by today’s best house designers and architects.

in the spirit of mid-century house design, a parallel movement by the 'California school' of landscape architecture emerged during the same period. the legendary works of Dan Kiley, Thomas Church and Garret Eckbo embraced the same values and beliefs of this leading era.

thirdstone inc. adheres to this philosophy and their brilliant use of planning and organization through geometry of design, innovation and enduring aesthetics. likewise, we distil essential elements of design by exploring mass, volume, space, light and form. this philosophy seeks out purity in articulating aesthetics and functionality within today’s modern idiom.
"Louis combines exceptional illustration talents with a keen design sense and understanding of the built environment, from landscape to architecture. he is an asset to his clients"
Barry Johns, Governor General Award Winner and Member of the Royal Architecture Institute of Canada (Barry Johns Architecture Ltd.)

"Louis brings a great deal of sensitivity and attention to detail to all work he realizes."
Carol Belanger - Architect (Principal Urban Designer, City of Edmonton)

"Western Living Magazine was pleased to award thirdstone inc. with first-place honours in our 2006 Design West Makeover contest. our selection committee was taken with their choice of light-coloured woods paired with dark grey and black finishes on counters and accessories, transforming a standard bungalow into an airy, open and loft-like space. thoughtful details such as their inventive double-column support structure, and the decorative use of exposed I-beams also contributed to thirdstone’s first-place finish."
Anicka Quin, Associate Editor, Western Living Magazine

"over the past five years, i have purchased two resale homes and have commissioned Louis and thirdstone inc. The transformations, although completely different from each other, have been magical, because Louis took the time to listen to our likes and wants and then used his knowledge, training and experience to bring it all together."
Peter Carter, President (Carter's Travel)

"Louis provided us with outstanding service. he is very intuitive and quickly understood what it was we would like. the design was creative and we were just delighted with the result. Louis is dependable, timely and meticulous and it was a pleasure working with him."
Dr. Mary Cummins, University of Alberta

design west makeover challenge (western living magazine / winter 2006) it started as standard four-room main floor in a simple 1954 tract bungalow: a kitchen, an eating nook, a dining room and living room. Then came down the walls…read


a modern marriage (western living magazine / march 2006) featuring the woodcroft house ensuite in western living magazine’s kitchens + baths edition…read

metamorphosis (alberta ballet house + garden tour / june 2005) successfully transforming this post-war bungalow from a maze of small rooms and wasted space into a modern great room with an industrial edge…read

suburban renewal (edmonton journal / july 2005) cities contain housing of various vintages, everything from designated heritage homes to brand new housing. In edmonton, housing stock from the mid-20th century is plentiful in many mature neighbourhoods that encircle the city…read

cherished rooms (edmonton journal / november 2005) this article from the ‘at home’ section of the edmonton journal features the open living space of the woodcroft house renovation project…read

recommended reading

dissecting the american house (progressive architecture magazine / october 1995) this important critique from Progressive Architecture magazine provides valuable insight on the housing market from the perspective of the architectural community and why they feel the house design domain continues to debase itself. misguided by dubious ‘show homes’ and their self-important two-storey porticos with mega-columns and irrational use of space, the general home buying public are left with the impression that it is necessary to include such unsavoury ‘features’…read

saving modern edmonton (legacy magazine / winter.2005) a commendable article by robert geldart (principal heritage planner with the city of edmonton), centers on edmonton’s significant modern buildings dating back to 1930 which, defined the city’s development during the modern era of the mid-20th century…read
at thirdstone inc., we are committed to creating award-winning house design. we not only think ‘outside the box’ – we will explore it, rotate it and dissect it until we arrive at a solution that is fully adapted to the individual needs of the modern day family.

we favour the highly individualised but understated aesthetic, purity of form and use of genuine materials over the mass-generated product of the suburban mainstream residential market.

whether building a new house, a weekend retreat or renovating an existing dwelling, our mission is to investigate all potential design options by providing resourceful solutions with design integrity that respond to the client’s program needs, discerning tastes and budgetary control.

through comprehensive examination, the design process can become a metamorphosis from everyday to extraordinary proving that even the most unexciting house can be reborn with an infusion of innovative design, vigour and unwavering effort.

we venture to approach all scales of projects in this manner - with an inventive response to every residential design challenge.
at thirdstone inc., we endeavour to redefine, innovate and provide a forward-looking approach to shaping your outdoor living space.

our task is to draw from the inspiration of traditional garden structure and interpret outdoor space through contemporary aesthetics. while good design is about the pairing of form and function, at its heart is our belief that careful planning and design is paramount. we further believe that there is modernity in garden design just as there is in architecture.

aside from its peripheral surroundings, we believe that the residential landscape should heighten the senses the moment you step onto the property – creating a carefully choreographed approach through a progression of spaces that lead you through a contemporary garden.

we will emphasize simplicity over the ornate, employing crisp geometry with an uncomplicated plant palette laid out in masses for bold effect. borrowing architectural cues from the house, we are partial to genuine materials not commonly expressed within the landscape to create a subtle compromise between the controlled and the organic.

ultimately, the distinction of a modern garden lies in its attention to detail while responding to the client's program needs and established resources.
thirdstone inc. provides visual communication solutions to assist our residential clients, as well as architects, engineers and developers to operate and communicate more effectively. These services include:

· sketch perspectives
· architectural illustrations
· 3d modeling
· animation

at thirdstone inc., we draw on skilled and efficient hand-drawn methods in addition to emerging computer technologies to interpret composite data into easily understood visual communication formats that bring ideas and vision to life.
thirdstone inc.

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